Dancing, Singing, NightClubs, and 1950s Stripper Stars

Dancing, Singing, NightClubs, and 1950s Stripper Stars
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Wow. What a cool series of pinup and burlesque star history!

I’m not sure if there’s much of a point to the words in these pages, but the pictures show the history of fashion and burlesque with pictures including:

  • an 1800s cartoon imagining how people would dance if women were emancipated (in their underwear)
  • Arthur Murray
  • Fred and Adele Astaire
  • Sophie Tucker
  • Helen Morgan
  • Texas Guinan
  • Sally Rand doing the fan fance
  • Lena Horne
  • Joanne Gilbert
  • Dardy Orlando (sister of Lili St. Cyr) standing in front of Minksy’s Rialto
  • Burlesque Queens Ann Corio, Georgia Southern, and Margie Hart
  • a series of pictures of Sylvia McKaye seductively stripping from a show girl outfit to just  a g string
  • Jenny Lind
  • opera singer Mary Garden
  • Rise Stevens
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