Turn of the century firefighter pictures

Turn of the century firefighter pictures

Here are pictures of firemen, a hose cart, and the Carondelet Heights Fire Association at the turn of the century. It looks like they’re showing off the new fire hose cart and maybe the fire hose, since the men are posed holding the hose unwound, on ladders against the next door building. The fire fighters are also shown acting like they’re pulling the fire cart, and there are no horses. The photographer must have been fascinated by this hose cart, because there’s many pictures of it from different angles (including against a kerosene streetlamp). Interesting firefighter history, if only to see what types of machinery they used back then!

On the side of the fire house building was an advertisement for Klausmann Beer (“Carondelet’s favorite brew”).

These were found on some slides dated from the 1960s, when someone else had previously preserved them.

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