1800s Photos from St. Louis, MO

1800s Photos from St. Louis, MO
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This is my final set from the first batch of old photos. They appear to be taken mostly by St. Louis city photographers and photographers who were in the Carondelet neighborhood at the turn of the century.

The two boys’ eyes haunt one photo, taken by Star Gallery… What silly looking turn of the century kids, and what attitude! I wonder who they are and what became of them…. and the two girls who look like they’re dressed for their First Communion (I think?).

I wonder about the girl with the tambourine taken by Schweig and Cohl. Was it a Jewish thing? Was she an exotic dancer? A gypsy? I am totally ignorant, but the elaborate costume, her pose, and the tambourine stand out from all of these other turn of the century photos...

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