Turn of the century advertisements in color

Turn of the century advertisements in color

Here are some more turn of the century advertisement scans that my boyfriend’s dad made. I’m not sure which old magazine he got these out of, but he left the CD on my desk while I was out yesterday.

These 8 turn of the century advertisements are in color and for brands still remembered today or barely forgotten:

  • Winton Motors Ad – the 1904 Winton Touring Car
  • Libby’s Food Products – including Lunch Tongues, Melrose Pate, and Potted Tongue
  • Gold Medal Flour advertiesment
  • Triscuit Shredded Wheat – “the new toast”
  • Cream of Wheat – “a Dainty Breakfast, a Delicious Dessert” – with a smiling black chef holding it out invitingly
  • Cream of Wheat Halloween advertisement – with the black chef smiling with his tray of Cream of Wheat, as white children bob for apples
  • Nabisco Sugar Wafers – a 1700s man kneels before his Lady who is holding a box of Nabisco Sugar Wafers
  • Mennen’s Borated Talcum Toilet Powder – complete with cherubs

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