1920s Wedding Dress and Veil Modern Portraits

1920s Wedding Dress and Veil Modern Portraits

I shot these photos of my friend Anita, modeling a 1920s wedding dress and veil that were borrowed from the Carondelet Historic Society. This is an ongoing project to visually, digitally, preserve their clothing and accessories collection. When I showed this first batch of photos (along with the WWII WAC uniform and Old Hollywood Style Portraits) to their board of directors last week, they asked me to borrow more and take more photos of models wearing their clothing and accessories 🙂

I am trying to photograph the clothing with the makeup and hair styles, posing, and basic lighting styles that would be true to the period that it’s from. Ditto for the accessories like hats. The clothing and accessories that I’m borrowing are rather un-sorted, and mostly un-labeled, and I’m enjoying the randomness of grabbing whatever catches my eye until my plastic carrying tub is full.

This 1920s wedding dress and veil were packaged together, and the bridal veil was in near perfect condition.

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