Edwardian Cooking Advice and MATERNITY CORSET ADS

Edwardian Cooking Advice and MATERNITY CORSET ADS
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Honestly, the best thing about these pages from the July 1913 issue of the Modern Priscilla magazine are the advertisements. I think I lost brain cells even skimming all the Edwardian cooking and housekeeping advice. It’s probably why I’m such a bad cook- this kind of writing bores me to tears. These included tips for:

  • keeping white enamel clean
  • drying lace curtains
  • using egg shells to clean the inside of glass bottles
  • using paraffin instead of butter to line cake pans for a non-stick effect
  • tips for darning stockings
  • how to stitch lace to a garment so that it may be easily removed (because the Edwardians were all about lace)
  • how to create a handy work stand
  • … and more household tips for women!

The advertisements are cool though! These pages contained a small ad for maternity corsets, which I found particularly interesting.

Also advertised were canned sardines, The Alaska Freezer, Jello, Coffee Jelly, Maternity Apparel, Karo Syrup, Hair Dye, and a variety of “Make Money from Home” ads.

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