Skirts thru sportswear – definitions and illustrations

Skirts thru sportswear – definitions and illustrations
This entry is part 4 of 21 in the series The Language of Fashion - 1939 Fashion Dictionary

It’s interesting to see the types of skirts, sleeves, and sportswear illustrated and defined! Hopefully this helps you in identifying and describing vintage clothing… I can’t help but read thru this fashion dictionary and learn as I scan and post these pages!

Here are pages describing and defining such things as: pannier skirts, peg skirts, tunic skirts, swing skirts, angel sleeves, shoulder puff sleeves, Virago sleeves, leg of mutton sleeves, Dolman sleeves, Mexican Huaraches, smock frocks, Scotch snood (vs the Modern snood), Bathing Costume of 1909 compared to the One Piece Bathing Suit of 1938, play suit of the 1920s, skating costume of 1938… and more!

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