Types of Stitches thru Tunics & Turbans

Types of Stitches thru Tunics & Turbans

Ever wonder how to name or identify the stitching that you might find on pieces of vintage clothing? Here are some excellent definitions, descriptions, and illustrations for types of stitches used in clothing construction and decoration. Referring to these drawings and definitions has helped me to identify and describe vintage clothing.

These fashion definitions for stitches include:

  • Arrowhead stitching
  • blanket stitch
  • buttonhole stitch
  • chevron stitch
  • chain stitch
  • cretan stitch
  • couching stitch
  • florentine stitch
  • french knot
  • huckaback stitch
  • looped braid stitch
  • outline stitch
  • petal stitch
  • Pekingese stitch
  • smocking
  • surface darning stitch
  • tailor’s tacks
  • trame stitch

Then, alphabetically: sweater types, Japanese Tabis, common types of threads, finally ending with tunics and turbans.

If my words run dry, it’s because my eyes are about to fry scanning and describing this dictionary... almost to the end, and it’s very informative and I’m learning alot about fashion history and vintage clothing identification!

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