Nets thru Robe de Style, and information about Rayon

Nets thru Robe de Style, and information about Rayon
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As I’m recovering from my wonderful New Years celebrations last night… I’m posting 18 more scans from the 1938 fashion dictionary, The Language of Fashion. These pages cover nets (continued) to Robe de Style, with several informative pages between, including a lengthy and informative page about Rayon, how it was made, and the different types that existed in the late 1930s.

Did you know that (in 1938) there were four different processes for making Rayon fabric (cellulose acetate, cuprammonium, viscose, and nitrocellulose), and four types of Rayon yarn (Filament Rayon Yarn, Spun Rayon Yarn, New Broken Filament Yarn, and New Abraded Yarn)? I’m sure this history of Rayon is interesting to someone, if only me!

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