Vintage baby shower cards pt 2

Vintage baby shower cards pt 2
This entry is part 9 of 10 in the series 1960s New Baby and Baby Shower Cards

Here’s a few more scans of cards from the 1962 baby shower. I’ve included the duplicate cards, so that you can see the imperfections, and that the mom-to-be wrote the gifts she received on the back of each card!

My favorite rhymes on the inside of these baby shower cards were:

“When you add this present to the baby’s things, don’t forget the wishes for happiness that it brings”.

“Best of luck to all of you, Mom and Dad and Someone New”

Her gifts included a blue blanket, sweater set, silverware, and playpen pad.

I love the cute chintzy floral and pastel themes, totally unisex, since nobody knew whether Baby would be a boy or a girl!

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