1920s advertisements – mainly mens fashions

1920s advertisements – mainly mens fashions
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These illustrated fashion advertisements from 1924 are so interesting! These ads seem primarily directed to retailers, rather than the consumer…. I’ve not peeked thru the pages further than I’ve scanned them, and I’ve not researched the Saint Louis Fashion Pageant yet, so maybe it was more of an industry thing like NYC Fashion Week?

They are surprisingly sparse, but the illustrations, when there are pictures, are detailed. Apparently, in 1924, you could get a hand tailored suit for between 20 and 35 dollars (about $456 in modern money, as calculated here). Again, any addresses mentioned, were on Washington Avenue in St. Louis.

Magazine pages I scanned in this batch included full page ads for:

  • Rothschild Hat Co. (at 1100 Washington Ave.) – with a line drawing in the background of fashionable men, well bred dogs, and cars
  • Stetson Gloves – with illustrations in the background of flapper women in pearls and cloche hats.
  • Classy Made Young Mens Suits and Overcoats, by GoldSmith Clothing Company 1224-26 Washington Ave.
  • Tom Sawyer Washwear for Real Boys, by Elder Manufacturing Co., at 1207 Washington Ave.
  • Tri-Hex Clothes by Hecht Brothers Clothing Co., at 1531-33-35 Washington Ave.
  • A grand illustrated ad for Mercantile Trust Company at 8th and Locust
  • An ad for The St. Louis Globe Democrat, claiming to service over 4.5 million people with a purchasing power of $18,504,290,000 (18 billion?!). The well dressed ladies in the background are an interesting touch.
  • Paramount Pants, by the Peters Co., at 1209 Washington Ave.
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