Victorian fashion advertisements, household appliance ads, and misc. ads

Victorian fashion advertisements, household appliance ads, and misc. ads
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I’m almost done scanning these last few pages of the 1892 Delineator! At first, I thought it was a catalog, but after reading and digitally preserving my way thru this issue, I can see that it was a fashion magazine... full of advertisements relevant to the articles, like our modern upscale fashion publications still are. I’m going to have to change the category to magazine!

In one of these scans, The Delineator claims to have the largest paid circulation of any fashion magazine in the world, and that their subscription base is only increasing. Ads in 1892 for this magazine cost $1.50 per line… about the same as some current newspaper ads today!

Here are 10 more scans from the 1892 Delineator Fashion Journal. They include illustrated ads for:

  • Lightening Needles
  • Oxford Singer Sewing Machine
  • Imperial table Jelly
  • Hall’s Bazar collar foundations
  • a bicycle give away for boys and girls
  • Garfield tea
  • The Perfect Art of Canning and Preserving
  • Beeman’s Pepsin Gum
  • $20 high arm Phila Singer sewing machine
  • Myra’s Journal of Dress, Fashion, and Needlework
  • Puritan cooker
  • Dainty Desserts
  • Bloomingdale Brother’s Infant Outfits
  • Vinolia Soap
  • Equipoise Waist: for Ladies, Misses, and Children- “the fashionable corset substitute”
  • Famous perfumes: holiday gifts
  • Lane’s Medicine
  • Kemp’s Balsam
  • Masquerade and Carnival costumes – an illustrated pamphlet
  • Buffalo Toys (made of iron and steel)
  • Your New Winter Cloak
  • How to Have Good Teeth
  • How to Make a Happy Home
  • Tape measures
  • Fun for the Little Folk: pastimes for children
  • … and even more ads!
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