Winter 1892 Ladies Sleeve, Skirt, Bustle, and Train Fashions

Winter 1892 Ladies Sleeve, Skirt, Bustle, and Train Fashions
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Working my way through scanning this 1890s fashion magazine, and digitized these images of more dress details from the winter of 1892:

  • Amy Robsart Sleeve, with a puff at the very top of the shoulder, “strapped”
  • Front and back views of basques with leg of mutton sleeves
  • Ladies cuff fashions
  • Shopping bag
  • “fancy muff”
  • Tiered walking skirt with train (I can’t imagine walking in that)!
  • “bell skirt with a slight train, perforated for round length, also known as the umbrella skirt”
  • ladies skirt “with fan back, having a slight train, perforated for round length”

The text in these pages is long and boring, unless you have time and are seriously studying 1890s fashions. One interesting thing about the last skirt (with the fan back), is that for a “medium size” woman (probably a modern size small), it that to make it takes 7 yards and 1/8 inches of 22 inch wide fabric… in other words, over 21 feet of fabric!

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