Styles for Dolls and a toy elephant (Victorian Toys – 1892)

Styles for Dolls and a toy elephant (Victorian Toys – 1892)
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Here are some instructions and advertisements for patterns so that the Victorian mother in 1892 could make fashionable doll clothing and a toy elephant for her little ones. It suggests using leftover scraps from sewing the girl’s and mother’s dresses, to make doll clothes out of. In particular, Surah, China Silk, and cashmere are recommended materials for doll clothes, since they’re pretty and durable.

These include tips for making:

  • a dress with a guimpe (for dolls 12-24 inches tall) – perfect for making social calls with Mother
  • a doll’s toilette with a dress and tam-o-shanter cap
  • a girl’s doll’s night gown (consisting of a skirt, drawers, and underwaist, so she is appropriately attired for bed time)
  • dress and guimpe, perfect for receiving guests in
  • … and ideas to make a toy elephant with a blanket.

It ends with notes on New Years winter fashions.

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