Victorian Handcrafts, Flowers, Beauty Advice, and Moral Advice

Victorian Handcrafts, Flowers, Beauty Advice, and Moral Advice
This entry is part 8 of 19 in the series The Delineator - January 1892

Here are some miscellaneous scans from near the back of the winter Delineator Fashion Magazine. As you can tell, Victorian women had alot of past times and made alot of arts and crafts!

Articles include:

  • Rugs and Robes of Fur: Unfortunately, this 1892 article on fur fashions didn’t include any pictures, but it goes quite in depth to paint a vivid description with words. White furs for wrapping up babies, how to decorate with lion rugs (place it prominently), and furs for every occasion.
  • Flower Culture for Women- Chrysanthemums
  • The Art of Pyrography or Poker Work
  • Gaining Happiness by Giving It
  • Holiday Thoughts – Number 2- What Shops Show
  • Evening Amusements – Third Paper – Children’s Parties
  • A Twelfth Night Entertainment
  • Home Made Toilet Extracts – this is how to make perfume at home, and is quite interesting!
  • Across the Continent – from New York to Alaska
  • Rambles Among Holiday Books
  • Around the Tea Table – advice to keep mentally sharp during the winter, and home made recipes for soothing dry winter skin
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