1920s Styled Photoshoot

1920s Styled Photoshoot
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I hate to announce favorites, but this is probably my best set from the Vintage Photography Workshop. The cloche hat and drop waist dress is authentic 1920s, the head on weasel fur is vintage 1920s, I did the model’s makeup period perfect (from looking at an old advertisement), she already had the perfect bobbed hair, and the car is period enough (1932 I think).

Ashley looks like she’s ready to go to the Speakeasy, or just drink from the bootleg whiskey she’s smuggling (the vintage bottles were really filled with water). She just has that perfect 1920s “bad girl” look.

The photos which are not black and white, are very minimally edited. I hardly needed to adjust colors at all, because the makeup, wardrobe, and set were already colored perfectly for this 1920s styled photo shoot.

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