Vintage 1960s Mustang – a forgotten fashion photoshoot

Vintage 1960s Mustang – a forgotten fashion photoshoot

I was going through my old hard drive, and realized that I’d exported these 1960s styled photos of St. Louis model Ashley Cancienne, but never posted them to this vintage blog! I dressed and styled her in a vintage light green psychedelic floral minidress and hat. Since we were going to shoot other sets, I kept her makeup fairly neutral, but with bright pink lipstick.

The photo where the vintage red car is driving down the road in the background is my favorite, and I had printed large in the Vintage Car themed exhibit at the 3rd Degree Glass Factory.

This fashion photo set, 1960s style (especially with the antique Mustang car), are soft and romantic I think. Innocent. There was lots of social upheaval in the late 1960s, but most ordinary people just lived their lives.

I feel bad that I ran a program on my exports that degraded the jpg quality. I was honestly too lazy to re-export them.

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