Ghost Photos

Ghost Photos
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Happy Spooky Saturday, and hope everyone had a great Halloween! While I was posting model Linzy Anna’s ghostly garage photos, I came across all the other “ghost” pictures that I’ve shot. This is a special photographic technique involving double (and triple) exposures, with no photoshop being used to make the transparency.

It’s difficult to direct models on posing, but most people usually get it after a few tries, and the ghostly result is worth all the hard work. Because of the special lighting I use, I need at least 1 or 2 other assistants… so it’s quite labor intensive!

I’m tempted to make a post about each ghost photo shoot that I’ve done, because each was unique. It really is amazing that such a high percentage of pictures from these photo shoots “turn out”, but then, the point is to be a bit grungy and spooky (not glamorous).

Below are some highlights from ghost shoots. If you’d like to be shot like this, contact me and I’ll work out a special rate based on if I need to hire an assistant or if you can bring a friend or two with reasonably fast reflexes and good night vision.

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Dead Alcoholic Bride Ghost:

Lots of pictures from this shoot came out. Jenna dressed as a bride in one of my old 1960s wedding dresses, and we made some awesome fun art in the basement of my studio. This photograph of Jenna pouring the champagne into her mouth is probably the best and most complicated ghost photo that I’ve ever shot. I posted close ups and details below. Also, my second favorite ghost pic of her. The photo of the champagne pouring into her mouth just made the other pics from this shoot pale in comparison.

Ghost photos at the haunted Lemp Mansion:

Molly knew someone in management, and we had the rare and special opportunity to shoot in the haunted Lemp Mansion! This was SO fun and we got SO many good ghost pics of her, especially considering that we didn’t have much time to shoot at all.

The Ghost of Vintage –

Tiffany wore a vintage cream lace 1950s dress and hat and stockings in our dirty basement. This made for ghost photos with a creepy old feel. I was almost sad to sell the dress.

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