Punched work darning designs, and Eight different collar designs

Punched work darning designs, and Eight different collar designs
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Here are some ideas from the July 1913 Modern Priscilla about finishing edges and making attractive collars. Illustrated and described are Venetian Lace collars, “new look” collars (which foretell the later 1920s “art deco” look), elaborate frills on a collar, an antique Hebedo design, simple shirtwaist collars and cuffs, and dainty needlework designs on collars.

The next page is full of instructions on how to hand make punched work on scrim, covered in darning, to give the effect of openwork embroidery. Pictured on this page are lingerie pillows, peacock motifs, a chair back design, and edging. Great inspiration and instructions!

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