Tatting and Embroidery Patterns from The Modern Priscilla – July 1917

Tatting and Embroidery Patterns from The Modern Priscilla – July 1917
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My head is swimming with lace doilies! Headlines from these pages include:

  • Smart Accessories for the Summer Wardrobe
  • Hardanger for the table – Embroidered in one color (oh my)
  • White Embroideries for the Bride’s chest – a collection of useful linens
  • A Fitted Piano Scarf with an elaborate Crochet drop
  • Smart blouses for all occasions
  • Cool muslins for the hot weather
  • A Luncheon set made entirely of tatting – It is possible to make centres of Linen
  • Collar Bags and Scarfs in Filet – Unnecessary but nice to have
  • Block Printing and its application

Notable ads on these vintage magazine pages included:

  • Coca Cola
  • Iced Postum (tea)
  • Campbell’s Ox Tail Soup “Just like finding money!”

As usual, I’ve scanned several to get the whole layout on my scan bed:

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