1935 Lingerie and Foundation Fashions – garters, corsets, shapewear, bras…

1935 Lingerie and Foundation Fashions – garters, corsets, shapewear, bras…
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Here are three pages advertisements for women’s undergarments from the 1935 Chicago Mail Order Catalog.

These include fashion advertisement illustrations for:

  • “glove fitting undies”
  • “vests” (the top part of the undergarment, looks like an undershirt)
  • “open seat and closed seat” slips
  • “cool mesh knit” undewear for boys and girls
  • “Lastex the miracle yarn” with 4 garters
  • “Lastex all in one combination” – to support the bust and includes garters
  • Brassiers made of taffeta, rayon, and satin.
  • Uplift brassiers (not much has changed – large busted ladies still want support!)
  • Plus sized undergarments – of perforated rubber to reduce and slim, with metal zippers

Elastic looked to be the “new thing” in figure control for women.

It’s interesting to note the silhouette of the 30s compared to the 50s and 20s. The bust looked fairly natural, but more of an emphasis on long lean torsos and long lean legs. I think of the shape as “flapper with a bust”, but with obviously more dainty and feminine clothes that were somewhat form fitting and revealing while showing “nothing”.

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