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Step into a digital time capsule with VintageReveries’ Old Catalogs category, where the past is preserved through the meticulous scanning of historical catalogs from a personal collection. This section is a labor of love, showcasing scans of the entire 1935 Chicago Mail Order Company catalog, among other treasures. These digital archives offer a window into the styles, trends, and cultural norms of yesteryear, captured in the pages of catalogs that once connected people to the fashion and goods of the era.

Our collection is not for sale but is presented as a resource for enthusiasts, historians, and anyone fascinated by the evolution of fashion and society. Through these vintage catalog scans, we invite you to explore the rich tapestry of history, design, and everyday life as cataloged by generations before us. From the comfort of your screen, delve into the sustainable chic of the past, and join us in appreciating the timeless elegance and historical significance curated with care in these pages.

Early 1900s Summer Fashion Illustrations

Early 1900s Summer Fashion Illustrations

This entry is part 14 of 14 in the series The Modern Priscilla - July 1913

These fashion illustrations show what women wore in 1913, and what was in style. Apparently, embroideries were the rule, and placed where there was the smallest excuse for them. This illustration shows three fashionable early 1900s women and a little girl. On the right side is an advertisement for a Venus adjustable dress form. The text includes detailed descriptions and how to order the dress patterns to make the fashions the models illustrated are wearing.

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