1935 Women’s Dresses and Fashion

1935 Women’s Dresses and Fashion
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All those ruffles and the elegant 1930s silhouette! Totally Old Hollywood Glamor, glamorous movie star inspired. Feminine. Caped back dresses and fancy collars! “Mannish” two piece outfits (which look like our modern skirt suit outfits)… The nautical inspired styles, and the liberal use of crepe fabrics (no wonder few pieces of clothing have survived).

Especially interesting is a sport dress advertising a “suntan back” which opens up so that you can get tanned and show a healthy glow!

There are only two pants outfits for sale in this set of scans, and I think they’re the only pants advertised in the whole catalog.

Below are 7 pages of ladies fashion advertisements from the 1935 Chicago Mail Order Catalog.

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