1935 Shoe fashions for women, men, and children

1935 Shoe fashions for women, men, and children
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These 1930s catalog scans start with the postage rate chart for 1935, and includes the next 13 pages of shoe advertisements! It’s interesting to see how much they charged for postage in the 30s… prices have gone up, but not as much compared to the price of shoes it seems!

“Thrilling Styles, Priced Low”. Practical low heeled kid leather shoes seemed to be a in style, and even shoes for nurses. “Super comfy” oxfords. Childrens’ shoes, mens’ work boots, dress shoes, and more. “Gay Styles for Women” and “Thrilling styles for Misses and Girls” – how much more exciting can 1930s shoe advertising get?

From the Chicago Mail Order Company’s 1935 Summer Catalogue.

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