9 Vintage Baby Shower Cards from the 1960s

9 Vintage Baby Shower Cards from the 1960s
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At this point in scanning this collection of baby shower cards from 1962, my eyes were about to cross. This expectant mother must have had a heck of a party in the heat of that August of 1962! This was the baby shower for her first child, and I think it was the first grandchild on either side. It’s always extra special to be first (speaking as the eldest child). Here are 9 different vintage baby shower cards from 1962. I love the gentle, cute, illustrations… and, ofcourse, the rhymes inside!

Gifts that the expectant mother received included: a potty chair, receiving blankets, comforter and pillow, bath and blanket, and sleeping bags (I’m assuming swaddle bags for baby to sleep in).

A card like I scanned earlier, a baby on a cloud.

I know that at the time, most of this family was working class. They were Catholics and in a part of the city of St. Louis that was close to factories.

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