Patriotic Pinup in the Willys Jeep

Patriotic Pinup in the Willys Jeep
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This was an impromptu and unplanned patriotic pinup set done at my Retro Car Workshop! Pinup model Nikki borrowed a cute polkadot 1940s styled dress, matching red beads, and got her hair done pinup style by another model. I did her retro makeup (including putting the faux lashes on). Nikki is one of the first models I worked with, for the Carondelet Historical Society historical fashion project, and it was great to get to work with her again and see how far we’ve both come in the past few years!

The faux eyelashes really made her eyes pop like saucers, and she almost looks like a doll. I would love to take this concept further in future shoots.

Going thru these pictures with fresh eyes, re-editing them… I really like this set more than I initially did last year.

In future photography workshops, I’d rather not be a primary photographer AND do all the makeup AND do all the wardrobe styling, because I was distracted and can tell that in this set.

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Below are my favorite pics from this retro car workshop:

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