1960s New Baby and Baby Shower Cards

1960s baby shower cards and new baby congratulations cards are cute examples of mid-century mass produced art.


Automobile Ads Scrapbook

Scans from a scrapbook of early 20th century automobile advertisements. 1900s until about 1930s car ads, showing off the features of what are now classic and rare vehicles.

St. Louis Municipal Opera 1943

St. Louis Municipal Opera (Muny) “Silver Anniversary” program from 1943- at the height of WWII.


1924 St. Louis Fashion Pageant

St. Louis had an annual fashion show in the 1920s, The Fashion Pageant, showing off all the latest trends, shoes, hats and clothes to potential store buyers and fashion industry leaders. This is the scanned program, filled with advertisements, photos and descriptions, of the 1924 St. Louis Fashion Pageant.

The roaring 20s were in full force, and St. Louis was an important fashion city!


1935 Chicago Mail Order Company Catalog

Here are scans that I made of the Chicago Mail Order Company summer 1935 catalog. They sold clothing and shoes for men, women and children. This is a great example of everyday 1930s fashions for women, lingerie styles and other “normal” mid-end clothing and accessories for all ages.


Popular Songs Magazine: October 1935

Popular songs from the early 1930s, according to the magazine Popular Songs, October 1935 edition. I scanned the entire magazine. Here it is!


The Language of Fashion - 1939 Fashion Dictionary

The Language of Fashion is an exhaustive dictionary of fashion terms, published in 1939. It contains instructions for pronunciation, brief explanations, and lists of synonyms for thousands of fabrics, styles and accessories.


Cabinet Cards

Old cabinet card scans from the 1800s. These photographs were mostly taken by early St. Louis photographers. They include pictures of men, women, families, sisters and people lost to history.


Carondelet Historical Society Project

From 2011-2013 I had the chance to photograph most of the donated clothing in the Carondelet Historical Society’s collection. I tried to style and shoot models authentic to the historical era of fashion that they’re wearing, sometimes veered into Old Hollywood Glamour as inspiration took over the shoot, as well as taking more straightforward pictures to showcase details in the clothing. This was an amazing way to learn and practice the art of photography.

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