Thanks for attending my first private vintage sale in St. Louis!

Thanks for attending my first private vintage sale in St. Louis!

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Thank you everyone who showed up for my first private vintage sale! It was SO fun to network and put faces to names and see old friends 🙂 I’ll be getting more vintage clothes before Christmas and we already have plans for another special private sale for the day after Thanksgiving!

If you missed this private sale, I can accomodate very limited private appointments in my atelier on the weekends – but it won’t be set up to shop… Our NEXT private vintage sale will be on the day after ThanksGiving, November 23. Sign up for news about my vintage events ONLY, here (address and directions to my studio will be emailed shortly before – I’m located in the Carondelet/South St. Louis neighborhood, if you didn’t guess by all my volunteer work with the Carondelet Historical Society):

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Alexa and I are also planning some fun workshops and events, as the space continues to be renovated (including trick photography ghost shoots in the spooky basement ) … so stay tuned!

Be sure to keep up with Alexa at and my unique photography with a retro twist on  —

Thanks again!!!

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Professional WordPress nerd. Lover of all things older than me. I am fascinated by early 1900s labor and feminist history, and have a sporadic addiction to reading nonfiction about those things on I scan old photographs and ephemera when I get really super bored. On Etsy I sell vintage clothing that I got as part of an interesting trade deal a few years ago.

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