1920s Dresses, Millinery, Coat, and Textile Ads

1920s Dresses, Millinery, Coat, and Textile Ads
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Here are 5 more pages of historical 1920s advertisements for St. Louis businesses from the 1924 St. Louis Fashion Pageant. It’s getting near the back of the fashion show program, and the ads are smaller and more modest- not the elaborate full page ads at the beginning of the magazine. These pages contain ads for hats, dresses, furs, coats, and textiles (as the 1924 Fashion Pageant was primarily a business-to-business publication). I think that all of these fashion businesses were located in St. Louis, mainly in the downtown area near Washington Ave.

Advertisements for businesses in these pages include:

  • Hirschfield Brothers “Darling Dresses” (at 823 Washington Ave.)
  • Newburger Novelty Dresses (at 808 Washington Ave)
  • Davison-Frank Fur Co., advertising (at 1121-1123 Washington Ave, advertising Sable, Stone Marten, Leopart, Fox, Squirrel, Mink, Hudson Seal, and Muskrat).
  • Naussbaum Silk Co.,
  • Morisse Lace & Embroidery Company (at 1627-29-31 Washington Ave., advertising trimming styles including braids, ornamental tassels, leather trimmings, and beaded and metallic novelties)
  • Beldings – Fabrics, Embroideries, and Spool Silks
  • Frankel Brothers Millinery Company
  • King-Brinsmade Mercantile Co. (featuring King Bee Trimmed Hats)
  • Goldman & Rosen Garment Company
  • Zieser & Kling Coats and Suits
  • LaVogue Quality Dresses
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