1935 ads for medicines, cosmetics, douches, sanitary napkins… etc.

1935 ads for medicines, cosmetics, douches, sanitary napkins… etc.
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Wow! This part of the summer 1935 Chicago Mail Order Company catalog got interesting!

Ads found in these pages include:

  • vanity purses
  • coin purses
  • “smart summer jewelry”, costume jewelry
  • Aspirin
  • Yeast, codliver oil, halibut liver oil…
  • Stillman’s complexion soap
  • Peacock bleaching cream
  • “Outdoor Girl” powder and rouge
  • Alden milk of magnesia toothpaste (sounds gross)
  • ladies watches
  • Stillman’s Suppositories
  • Nicies Sanitary Napkins
  • Sanitary lingerie
  • “Nu-SAF” belt
  • Famous “Magical” douche
  • memorial wreaths
  • bibles
  • engraved silverware
  • fitted overnight cases
  • fountain pens
  • … and more random stuff!
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