Lingerie advertisements from the 1800s to the 1950s

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Here are shown some lingerie and shapewear ads from the 1800s-1950s. The chemise replaced the corset cover by 1918, although shapewear was still worn in the 1920s to achieve that stylish “boyish” form. The inflatable bra of the 1950s replaced the “Victoria” bosom pad of 1879… such changes in lingerie styles and advertisements!

An advertisement from 1860 compared to one from 1901 showed how much sexier advertising had become. The girls in 1901 were showing their ankles for a stocking ad, whereas just a fan was shown in the 1860s ad. By 1950, even more leg was being shown in stockings ad, with a lanky attractive girl wearing tight fitting Capri pants and others wearing very tight fitting skirts, for anĀ advertisementĀ for Acrilan.

It’s interesting to see how people in the 50s viewed their own history!

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