Early 1900s drugstore photos

Early 1900s drugstore photos

I have no idea what South St. Louis pharmacy or drugstore is pictured here, but these pictures that I scanned are fascinating! You can see all the glass bottles and vials of medicine neatly on shelves behind the counter, and signs saying: “Frog in your throat? 10 cents – the Greatest Cough ??? on Earth”, Adams Black Jack Gum,  Humphrey’s Specifics, Abbey’s ?? Salt… and more. The first picture is especially clear, and you can make out many, but not all the details of the pharmacy shop’s long narrow interior. What was on the counters? Are those newspapers and publications? What was in the very back of the shop- it looks like machinery? Are those baked goods on the counter? It looks like the place had electricity, from the uncovered lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling. Just fascinating pictures!

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