Photos of Civil War Generals and Steam Trains

Photos of Civil War Generals and Steam Trains
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I got my boyfriend’s dad in on this project to post original scans on my blog! He is a HUGE history buff and I should record him telling stories about old Carondelet and historic St. Louis. Yesterday, he brought over a CD with these Civil War era photos that he’d scanned. He also brought over more cabinet cards for me to scan. They also include photos of:

  • Henry Blow
  • James Eades
  • Lincoln
  • Grant
  • Sherman
  • John A Winslow Benton
  • William R. Hoel
  • Simon Cameron
  • David D Porter
  • Gideon Welles
  • Henry Walke
  • Andrew H Foote
  • John Rogers

He went thru much more care than I generally do, and named each photo after who was in it, so that it’s easy and more organized.

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