1940s ads for St. Louis Businesses

1940s ads for St. Louis Businesses
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Here are four more pages for 1940s St. Louis businesses and the rest of the program for the 1943 MUNY’s performance of The Great Waltz. There’s a half page ad for Frank Adams Stage Lighting Control System, Midland Liquors, Syfo Soda Water, Hotel York, Oak Grove Memorial Mausoleum (St. Charles Road at Carson Road), Freund’s Olde Type White or Rye Bread, Zoop Soup, The Ely & Walker Building, Stag Extra Dry Pilsner (by the Griesedieck-Western Brewery which would later buy Hyde Park Beer), The Crystal Terrace at the Park Plaza Hotel, and B-1 Soda by Enno Sander Bottling Company.

These 4 pages of the 1943 St. Louis Municipal Opera Program were a little less blatantly patriotic, but such a preponderance overall of beer advertisements and funeral parlors! In today’s modern theater program, you might find one advertisement for a Mausoleum, but not so many… it reminds me that 1943 was the thick of World War II when peoples’ husbands, sons, fathers and friends were coming home in body bags or not at all.

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