Aircraft and Dirigibles used in World War I

Aircraft and Dirigibles used in World War I
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Here are some pictures of air planes used in World War I, and even one of a dirigible guarding the English coast!   Military use of airplanes was still very new at this point, and shown are a picture of an English plane crashed into a tree and a German plane that was brought down near Marne. I think the photo of a raider dropping a bomb is just amazing for this time period, the caption says the photo was captured by an accompanying plane. Another interesting arial photograph is one of a World War 1  American Air Squadron in flight.

Pigeons provided auxiliary wireless communication, as a picture of a seaplane pilot affixing a message to one shows.

It took me a minute to realize that a picture I originally thought was some soldiers in the shade of a building, was actually a photo of men standing under the US Dirigible D U-1 just before her maiden flight. The photo is so dark and there are so many ropes criss crossing that it takes a second look to make out the outline of this type of Zeppelin aircraft.

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