Baby Shower Cards from 1962

Baby Shower Cards from 1962
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1960s baby shower invitation card

These baby shower cards are from a party held on August 14, 1962 in what was then a working middle class neighborhood of St. Louis, MO… I got lucky, the shower invitation was in the box! It was thrown at the mother’s home, by her mom.

A Baby Shower is on the way, So please jot down the time and day.”

It was held at 7:30pm, presumably after dinner and when the weather would be getting more comfortably cool. I was able to do a little research and find out that August 14, 1962 was a Tuesday.

This expectant mother was quite organized, and wrote what gifts she received on the back of each card.  I can’t wait to post the cute new baby celebration cards that her guests gave her. It looks like quite a large party (unless she just saved the invitation from one shower, and had a few as was common).

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