Indexes of advertisers & fashion houses participating in the Fashion Pageant 1924 St. Louis

Indexes of advertisers & fashion houses participating in the Fashion Pageant 1924 St. Louis

These last pages of the 1924 St. Louis Fashion Pageant contain the list of participating St. Louis fashion houses and an index of advertisers, as well as general business to business ads and misc. fashion advertisements. What an interesting glimpse into the history of fashion- who would have guessed that St. Louis had so many designers and was a center of fashion in the 1920s?! Compare them to the businesses in the 1943 Silver Anniversary Program for the Municipal Opera. St. Louis history and fashion history in these 1920s fashion show program pages!

The only 2 pages left to scan are the color ads at the end, which I will post tomorrow!

I’ve gone ahead and converted the index of advertisers and the list of fashion houses to text (forgive my lack of formatting), and then below that are my scans:

List of Houses Exhibiting in the 1924 Fashion Pageant
GARMENTS Alaska Fur Co 819 Washington Ave. Carafiol-Silverman Garment Co 1209 Washington Ave. Carleton Dry Goods Co 1133 Washington Ave. Classy Jean Dresses, Inc 503 N. 12th St. Davison-Frank Fur Co 1123 Washington Ave. Ely & Walker Dry Goods Co 16th and Washington Ave. Phil Erlich & Co 1331 Washington Ave. N. Friedman & Sons Cloak Co 1235 Washington Ave. Goldman & Rosen Garment Co 1410 Washington Ave. Greenberg Garment Co 823 Washington Ave. Hirschfield Bros. 823 Washington Ave. Hirshfield Skirt Co 905 Washington Ave. Kopelowitz Bros., Inc 819 Washington Ave. Landers & Pearlman Fur Co 823 Washington Ave. Lees Brothers, Inc 1209 Washington Ave. Leppert-Roos Fur Co 809 Washington Ave. Newburger Garment Co 808 Washington Ave. Paristyle Garment Co 1517 Washington Ave. Rice-Stix Dry Goods Co 10th and Washington Ave. The Rose Mfg. Co 1508 Washington Ave. Royal Garment Co 1219 Washington Ave. Alois Schwartz 15th and Washington Ave. Shapiro & Handelman Garment Co 1021 Washington Ave. Singer Bros. Cloak Co 1204 Washington Ave. E. M. Thomas Co 505 N. 7th St. Zieser & Kling 1101 Washington Ave. MILLINERY Gaier & Stroh Millinery Co 1221 Washington Ave. Goldman-O’Brien-Nassauer Mfg. Co 819 Washington Ave. Golluber Millinery Co 1409 Washington Ave. King-Brinsmade Mere. Co 1701 Washington Ave. Levis-Zukoski Mere. Co 1113 Washington Ave. Rosenthal-Sloan Millinery Co 1700 Washington Ave. Ziegler Mfg. Co 905 Washington Ave. SHOES Boyd-Welsh Shoe Co Cook and Newstead Ayes. Brown Shoe Co 1610 Washington Ave. Central Shoe Co 17th and Washington Ave. Friedman-Shelby Branch 1621 Washington Ave. Hamilton-Brown Shoe Co 12th and Washington Ave. Johansen Bros. Shoe Co 3634 Laclede Ave. Johnson, Stephens & Shinkle Shoe Co 4240 Laclede Ave. W. H. Lampe Shoe Co 4060 Forest Park Blvd. McElroy-Sloan Shoe Co 1515 Washington Ave. John Meier Shoe Co 711 N. Fourth St. The Moore Shoe Co 239 S. Boyle Ave. Pedigo-Weber Shoe Co 3437 Locust St. Peters Branch 1228 Washington Ave. Roberts, Johnson & Rand Branch 15th and Washington Ave. Samuels Shoe Co 1214 Washington Ave. Shoe Specialty Mfg. Co 3417 Locust St. Travaso Shoe Co 1908 Locust St. Tweedie Footwear Corporation 1421 Olive St. Wohl Shoe Co 1216 Washington Ave.
ACCESSORIES Bauman-Massa Jewelry Co Commercial Bldg. Corticelli Silk Co 1314 Washington Ave. Forest City Mfg. Co 1627 Washington Ave. Harris-Polk Hat Co 1227 Washington Ave. C. R. Hettel Jewelry Co 907 Washington Ave. Licht Bros. & Co 1409 Washington Ave. R. Lowenbaum Mfg. Co 2225 Locust St. Rothschild Bros. Hat Co 1100 Washington Ave.

Index of advertisers:

Apple Hat Mfg. Co Ault-Williams Shoe Co
Capitol Shoemakers, Inc Carleton Clothing Co Carleton Dry Goods Co Central Shoe Co Clark, A R Clark, W. L. M Classy Jean Dresses, Inc Curlee Clothing Co
Davison-Frank Fur Co Doerr Shoe Co., F. L
Elder Mfg Co Ely & Walker D. G. Co Erhart Leather Co., W P
Fabricius Mere Co Forest City Mfg. Co Frank & Meyer Neckwear Co Frankel Bros. Millinery Co Friedman & Sons Cloak Co., N
Gaier & Stroh Millinery Co Garrison-Wagner Ptg. Co Gibbons Knitting Mills Goldman & Rosen Garment Co Goldsmith Clothing Co Grimm-Lambach Flower Co
Hamilton-Brown Shoe Co Harris-Polk Hat Co Hecht Bros. Clo. Co Hirschfield Bros Hirshfield Skirt Co House of Finkelstein Hurst-Zucker Neckwear Co
Index to Advertisers
Baldwin Piano Co 94 Barnet Leather Co 69 Belding’s 75 Belle Hickey Mfg. Co 93 Bertha Hat Co ’78 Bettmann-Kleinhauser Clothing Co 84-85 Blackwell-Wielandy Book & Stationery Co 93 Boyd-Welsh Shoe Co 62 Brauer Bros. Shoe Co 60 Brown Shoe Company 104 Butler Brothers 80-81
65 90 30 61 95 79 57 8-9
13 59 95
79 4 38 73 6
28 22 32 74 12 98
103 87 14-15 77 37 56 5
International Shoe Co 19 Johnson, Stephens & Shinkle Shoe Co 55
Kennard & Sons Carpet Co., J 91 King-Brinsmade Mere. Co 73 Knickerbocker Clothing Co 86 Korrekt Klothes, Inc 92
Lammert Furniture Co 91 Lampe Shoe Co., W H 63 Landers & Pearlman 36 Langenberg Hat Co 83 La Vogue Dress & Waist Co 74 Lees Brothers, Inc 29 Leppert-Roos Fur Co 35 Levis-Zukoski Mere. Co 31 Lowenbaum Mfg. Co., R 102
McElroy-Sloan Shoe Co 2 Mandle Dress Co 95 Marquette Cloak & Suit Co 3 Meier Shoe Co., John 64 Mercantile Trust Co 16 Milius Shoe Co 72 Missouri Pants Mfg Co 82 Missouri State Life Insurance Co 100 Morisse Lace & Embroidery Co 76 Mutual Garment Co 98
Nelson Pants Co Newburger Garment Co Nussbaum Silk Co
8.7 77 76
Ohio Leather Co 70
Paristyle Garment Co 7 Patton, Arthur S., Leather Co 69 Peters Company 18 Progressive Shoe House of the West, The 95
Renard Linoleum & Rug Co 92 Rice-Stix D. G. Co 20-21 Richardson-Leaver Fixture Co 93 Rosenthal-Sloan Millinery Co 25 Rothschild Bros. Hat Co 10-11 Royal Garment Co 33
Samuels Shoe Co 67 S’apin-Landau Garment Co 57 Schwartz, Alois 24 Schwarz & Wild 58 Siegfried & Sons, H 88 Stein-Poulson Mfg Co 78 St. Louis Globe-Democrat 17 St. Louis Wholesale Garment Association 26-27 Superior Hat Co 87
Thomas, E. M., Company 23 Tober-Saifer Shoe Co 68 Travaso Shoe Co 72 Tweedie Footwear Corp 71
Wardle Co., G M 78 White-Branch-Shelton Hat Co 89 Wohl Shoe Co 66
Zemitzsch Co., The Walter E 34 Zieser & Kling 74

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