The St. Louis Fashion Pageant – 1924, Pt 2

The St. Louis Fashion Pageant – 1924, Pt 2
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This historic 1920s fashion show begins the promenade of fashion models, showing off the latest styles. There is a stage diagram and notes that “each model once on the right side of the auditorium and once on the left”… Designers are listed in the order that the models appear. Models show off the latest in clothing and accessories prepared by St. Louis fashion houses in preparation for the Fall season.”

In reading thru this piece of 1920s fashion show history, I did find it contained a blurb about the purpose of the fashion show: “It is an annual production designed to present the merchants of the United States and the people of St. Louis the progress the city has made as a style center for women’s apparel. It is presented at the height of the fall market season, when a maximum number of out of town buyers are here….”

The scans I made:

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