1920s Fur Coat Fashion Advertisements

1920s Fur Coat Fashion Advertisements
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Here’s are two ads for 1920s furriers in St. Louis. On the first page, the model is wearing a decadent full length fur coat and cloche hat, looking every bit the upscale vision of the ideal 1920s girl. It’s for Leppert-Roos Fur Co at 809 Washington Ave.

The second page has simply a photo of what looks to be a mink fur draped over a chair, and the copy advertises “… Strikingly beautiful coats and capes in the latest individual designs of Hudson seal, mink, squirrel, mole, ermine, caracul, northern seal (seal dyed coney), and muskrat are being shown…” and goes further to remodling passe fur garments into the latest style and cut. “The Best Fur Values in St. Louis” and “The Fastest Growing Fur House in St. Louis”. This ad is for Landers and Pearlman Fur Co., 823-25 Washington Ave., second floor, opposite Hotel Statler.

Fur coats have always been luxury and practical. As the “Gateway to the West”, St. Louis has played a pivotal role in the history of the fur industry.

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