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Converts: The Love Story of a Primitive Man and a Suffragette by Joan Paul

You can see how the issues of womens' suffrage had made it into the mainstream by 1913! This story about a love triangle between a suffragette, a gold digger, and an eligible bachelor was found in the July 1913 issue of The Modern Priscilla and I've included the text (extruded from the image- so excuse typos). I think it's a fascinating document of womens history, and the social history of voting rights in the USA.

Last of the 1930s family photos

I love these cute pictures of children and babies, from the 1930s! It looks like they turned one of the infants pictures into a post card, and I've scanned the front and back of it. I'm finished scanning this album... and not sure if I want to scan another Modern Priscilla issue, or the 1922 St. Louis Fashion Pageant magazine... Thoughts?

Early 1900s Summer Fashion Illustrations

These fashion illustrations show what women wore in 1913, and what was in style. Apparently, embroideries were the rule, and placed where there was the smallest excuse for them. This illustration shows three fashionable early 1900s women and a little girl. On the right side is an advertisement for a Venus adjustable dress form. The text includes detailed descriptions and how to order the dress patterns to make the fashions the models illustrated are wearing.

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The Language of Fashion by Mary Brooks Picken 1938

I am so excited to get The Language of Fashion by Mary Brooks Picken (1938 edition) as an early Christmas present! I am even more thrilled by my friend's thoughtfulness. Even more excited that this book's copyright has apparently expired (according to my search on the U.S. government copyright site).... so I can scan the pages!

Old Photo Scans

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Cabinet Cards of Young Men, Children, and Couples

Here are the rest of the 1800s cabinet cards I digitized for the Carondelet Historical Society. I really like the young lady wearing a hat, as shot by Polensky of Milwaukee Ave., Chicago. That photo, of any, gives me some ideas on historical re-creation. The background is so cool, and could probably be made into a photoshop texture or something!

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A new car, in 1944

I imagine this 1940s couple getting this car as a gift, or the husband giving it to his wife before he leaves back to fighting overseas. She looks so proud and you can see them posed together, with him in his military uniform. What cute WWII-era Kodachrome slides!

Different types of Coats illustrated – from The Language of Fashion

This entry is part 15 of 21 in the series The Language of Fashion - 1939 Fashion Dictionary

Different types of coats, illustrated and defined. These include the Box Coat of the 1930s, the Blouse coat of the 1920s, coachmens’ coats, 17th century buffcoat, coolie coat, Balmacaan, Duster early 1900s, Raglan coat, Women’s Cutaway Coat, MacFarlane, and more types of coats.

These pages also cover different types of coifs and collars, including the Bertha collar of the 1920s, the Chin Collar of 1916, and the Buster Brown collar.

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