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The Language of Fashion by Mary Brooks Picken 1938

I am so excited to get The Language of Fashion by Mary Brooks Picken (1938 edition) as an early Christmas present! I am even more thrilled by my friend's thoughtfulness. Even more excited that this book's copyright has apparently expired (according to my search on the U.S. government copyright site).... so I can scan the pages!

Old Photo Scans


Cabinet Cards of Young Men, Children, and Couples

Here are the rest of the 1800s cabinet cards I digitized for the Carondelet Historical Society. I really like the young lady wearing a hat, as shot by Polensky of Milwaukee Ave., Chicago. That photo, of any, gives me some ideas on historical re-creation. The background is so cool, and could probably be made into a photoshop texture or something!

1940s St. Louis Municipal Opera Seating Chart and Ads

This entry is part 3 of 10 in the series St. Louis Municipal Opera 1943

This set of scans of the 1943 St. Louis Municipal Opera Theater Program includes the seating chart and seat prices in an advertisement for C.L. Finot Inc. Concessionaires. It looks like during WWII, The Muny seated 10,000 people and you could get front section box seats for two dollars, or sit in the back section for 25 cents. This was my favorite page in this set.

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1940s mesh faux double breasted vintage navy blue dress – small-medium

This is a VERY classic and cute navy blue vintage dress… It reminds me of a uniform of some type, that maybe a waitress would wear. It definitely needs a slip because the fabric is so sheer!

I believe that it’s from the 40s because it snaps at the waist (the 2 buttons on the left don’t hold it together), and because this is sheer mesh knit fabric that I’ve seen on other dresses positively identified as being from the late 1930s/40s. The shoulder pads are snap-ins.

As you can see, it’s quite worn, but intact. No holes that I noticed except for the one on the right pocket. I’ve NOT tried washing it.

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Synopsis of The Great Waltz and more 1943 St. Louis Business advertisments

This entry is part 6 of 10 in the series St. Louis Municipal Opera 1943

Here are more St. Louis beer and brewery advertisements and the synopsis of The Great Waltz from the 1943 St. Louis Municipal Opera Program.

Advertisers in these pages included: Falstaff Brewing Company, Manhattan Coffee, Efficiency Service Co (employment specialists), Griesedieck Brothers Brewing Company, The Circus Snack Bar at the Forest Park Hotel, and the Gaylord Container Corporation.

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WWWII Wac uniform

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